Buying from REGEN

Why buying a REGEN Certified iPhone is a smarter choice

We started REGEN to fix a very common problem in the used devices market: 'fraud'. You can never be sure about the used phones you buy from market or listing websites. Some of these phones are repaired, reported stolen in some other country or faulty.


Our Buying Criteria

Every day hundreds of devices are submitted to REGEN through our state of the art online device evaluation system. We go through each submission very carefully, filter out the repaired or damaged devices. Set appointments with only those who have the best devices to offer. We further inspect these devices before transacting with the customer and make sure the device is 100% functional, no parts have been repaired/replaced and the device is not reported stolen anywhere in the world.


The REGEN Experience

  • The device is professionally cleaned and disinfected

  • The device is packed, giving you an experience of buying a new device

  • Necessary documentation and accessories are included in the packaging

  • 7-Day money back guarantee and up to 1 Year Local Warranty


The Warranty

  • REGEN Warranty is same as Apple Warranty

  • If any functional defect arises we will either fix your device or replace it for FREE

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