How to get instalment options

How to get instalment options

REGEN does not offer 'Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)' at the moment. However, you can get instalment plans on your credit card when buying from REGEN.

Credit Card Instalment Plans

Some banks offer instalment options on credit card transactions. All you need to do is call your bank and ask if they can split your transaction into instalments. For instance you want to buy an iPhone worth Rs: 150,000, you may ask your bank to convert that transaction into 6 months of installments.

Your Credit Card's limit must be greater than the price of the product you want to buy.

Upon your bank's approval you may order your desired product from REGEN and pay through your Credit Card at the checkout.

Splitting Payment

In case your desired product's price exceeds your Credit Card's limit you may choose to split payment. For instance the product you want to buy costs Rs: 200,000 and your Credit Card's limit is only Rs: 150,000. You may ask our customer support team to help you split your payment. This way you may choose to pay a specific amount through your Credit Card and the rest through some other payment method. Here you may read more about splitting payments.