Payment method declined during checkout?

Payment method declined during checkout?

First of all, Aap ne ghabrana nahi ha! There are multiple reasons this could've happened to you. We'll cover almost every probable cause in this article.

Transaction limit exceeded

This is the most common problem. If the purchase amount is higher than your card's transaction limit, your transaction will not go through. In order to fix this you may need to call your bank to get the transaction limit increased.

You're abroad, or using a foreign card

If you are travelling abroad or using a foreign card your bank may have marked and bocked the transaction under fraudulent activity. Check your email, your bank may have asked for your approval to unblock the transaction. If you did not get an email, call your bank and ask them to let the transaction go through.

Insufficient funds

This one hurts the most. However, sometimes it could just be an error at your bank's side. If that's the case trying again in a few minutes should fix it.


Quick troubleshooting
  • Double-check the card number, CVC, expiration date, and name on the card 

  • Try using another card or payment method such as PayPal — just make sure that the seller has PayPal listed as an available payment method

  • Try using another device or browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox) and disable your ad blocker

  • Contact your bank