Submitted Your Samsung Phone? Here’s What Happens Next
Selling to REGEN

Submitted Your Samsung Phone? Here’s What Happens Next

Congratulations on deciding to sell your Samsung device with us! Whether you're upgrading to a newer model or simply decluttering, you've taken a great step towards sustainability and unlocking the value of your used device. Wondering what happens after you've submitted your phone? Let's guide you through the process, tailored for whether you're in Lahore or residing elsewhere.

For Customers in Lahore:

Step 1: Schedule a Pick-up or Visit Us

Lahore residents have the convenience of choosing between two options: scheduling a free pick-up from your location or visiting our physical drop-off center. If you opt for pick-up, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can also schedule a visit to our drop-off center.

Step 2: On-Spot Evaluation

Once we have scheduled a time with you, one of our experts will perform an on-spot evaluation to assess its condition. This process includes checking the device's functionality, exterior condition, battery, and other criteria. You'll be provided with an instant offer based on this assessment.

For Customers Outside of Lahore:

Step 1: Secure Shipping

If our team notifies you that we are interested in buying your device, prepare it for shipment by removing personal data and disabling security locks and securely package your device. Use your preferred shipping company and send it to REGEN - 297, Street 10, Y Block, DHA Phase 3, Lahore. Ensure the package is well protected to avoid damages in transit.

Step 2: Inspection Upon Arrival

Upon receiving your device, our team will conduct a thorough inspection to confirm its condition. This detailed evaluation will determine the final offer for your device, based on its actual state.

Common Steps for All Customers:

Finalizing the Offer

Regardless of your location, once the evaluation is complete, we will communicate the final offer for your phone. If there are any adjustments from the initial quote, you'll have the opportunity to accept the revised offer or request your device back if the new offer doesn't meet your expectations.

Getting Paid

Accepting the final offer leads to the payment phase. Choose from our various payment options, including direct bank transfers, digital wallets, or opting for store credit, which may provide additional value. Payments are processed swiftly to ensure you receive your funds promptly.

Contributing to Sustainability

Selling your Samsung phone not only benefits you financially but also contributes to environmental sustainability. Each device resold or recycled through our service helps reduce e-waste and supports resource conservation, aligning with efforts towards a greener planet.