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Certified Pre-Owned Devices

Certified by our team of experts, backed with REGEN's 1 Year Warranty!

The 'Top Notch'

Get the unboxing satisfaction of buying brand new, at the cost of used!

Certified Quality

We guarantee 100% functionality

Each device is certified by our team of experts

7-Day Returns

Not satisfied with the device?

You can return it within 7 days of your purchase

One Year Warranty

Just like the 'brand new' warranty

Your device is covered for functional defects


Frequently Asked Questions

These are second-hand devices that are put through software and hardware tests to ensure that each device is 100% functional and matches it's condition grade.

We also make sure the device has not been tempered with, the battery has not been boosted and the device is not reported lost/stolen in any part of the world.
We guarantee that your device will work flawlessly under normal use during the warranty period.

If a defect arises that we can't fix, we'll replace your device free of charge, with no hidden warranty fees.
Yes! Please use this link to select the device you want to sell and answer a few simple questions about your existing device.

After a successful submission, our team will contact you via WhatsApp. Just let them know which device you'd like to trade-in with. If your current device qualifies for a trade-in, you'll only have to pay the difference amount.
Sure you can. However, it is important to place the order for 'Pick-up' first. As we do not keep inventory at our office, a visit without prior notice may cause you inconvenience.

Even after placing the order you can choose not to buy the device.